Group Corporate Philosophy

Group Corporate Philosophy

Azuma Foods International Holdings, Inc. will view group companies together as one company that co-creates, and the Group Corporate Philosophy is composed of three elements: "Our mission [Group Company Mission]", "Our corporate vision [Group Management Vision]", and "What we must achieve [Group Company Action Plan]."

Group Company Mission

To make full use of ideas and technologies in overcoming national and regional boundaries; to deliver foods that inspire and stir the imagination, bringing delight to the people of the world and contributing to a rich and healthy life.

Group Management Vision

Our mission is to create new, innovative, and safe products that are not bound by traditional food culture. We will continue to grow by providing dreams and excitement to our customers through food that cultivates the mind and body. We will carry on the pioneering spirit of our founder and will continuously make efforts to carry on that legacy.
We will strive to become a company that may be small in size, but which creates a standard for the world.

Group Company Action Plan

1. Development
In order to respond to the needs and demands of the marketplace, Azuma Foods will continually develop new innovative products and markets and continue to offer the finest products.
2. Innovation
Taking into account environmental concerns, Azuma Foods will introduce new technologies to both improve productivity and produce safe products for the environment and our consumers.
3. Marketing activities, sales strategies
Azuma Foods will respond to the market environment and customer needs in each country and their internal regions while constantly monitoring the latest trends in order to offer the finest products.
4. Proper business activities that value customers and business partners
We will provide excellent service and be appreciative of our customers. We will take into account our customer’s points of view, while pursuing appropriate profits through sound business activities.
5. Compliance with Social Norms (Compliance)
Azuma Foods employees will adhere to social norms and internal rules and regulations and strive for business development in a fair and free environment.
6. Actively engage in appropriate hygiene management and quality control
In order to provide safe and reliable products to consumers, we will engage in proper hygiene and quality control from raw material procurement to manufacturing and delivery and strive to have our customers attain the utmost satisfaction.
7. Initiatives to promote teamwork and collect, transmit, and disclose information
Employees will always be appreciative and respect each other, enabling the team to perform at their best and as efficiently as possible. By ensuring the sharing of information, always confirming the purpose, and considering the interests of the group as a whole, we will achieve our goals.
8. Promoting global businesses rooted in each country
Group companies will actively build personal connections and friendly relationships in compliance with the laws of each country. We will also respect human rights and strive to understand the culture and traditions of foods as we contribute to the employment and the development of the community in each region.

Company Logo

"East meets west"
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Global, International,
and Sustainable

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